Roborock S7, S7 MaxV Auto-Empty Dock

Save 20.000 BD

Color: White
Sale price95.000 BD Regular price115.000 BD


  • Automatic Dust Collection: Dust is automatically emptied after a cleanup, turning dustbin emptying from often to occasional.
  • Dust Bag Support: Empty the bin without making a mess while keeping the dustbin clean. The large-capacity 3L bag holds up to 120 Days of Dust(Spare 1 Dust Bag Included).
  • Smart Emptying Modes: Choose the right emptying option for your needs from Smart, Light, Balanced, and Max. In Smart mode, emptying will be dynamically adjusted based on recent cleaning habits, emptying frequency, and more.
  • App-Controlled Emptying: Power auto-emptying on and off in-app whenever you want to.
  • Multi-Layer Air Filtration: Multiple layers of air filtration keep fine dust locked away inside the dock, not in your air.
  • Note: The dustbag will seal once removed and cannot be reused. Do not remove from the dustbin until ready for disposal.
  • Compatible with Roborock S7, S7MaxV robot vacuum.
  • Note: Only support 2.4G Wi-Fi.

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