Roborock Microfiber Mop Cloth × 2 for Roborock E25/E35/S5/S6/S5Max/S6Pure/S6MaxV/E4Mop/E5Mop/Q7/Q7Max Robot Vacuum

Sale price4.000 BD


  • Made from microfiber, the Roborock Mop Cloth removes ultra-fine dust that would otherwise be left behind by regular vacuuming.
  • Mounts easily without lifting or flipping the robot, using a specially designed attachment slot.
  • Highly absorbent material soaks up water evenly across its surface for a consistent clean that lasts for up to 60 minutes.
  • High-quality hook-and-loop fasteners secure the mop cloth tightly and evenly to the bracket. They retain up to 80% of their grip after 500 uses.
  • The cleaning area matches the width of the robot, thoroughly wiping down everywhere the robot goes.

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